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It was near noon when we at last reached the extreme western limit of the Samovar hills and pitched our tents on a flower-covered knoll which had but recently been exposed by the melting of the snow. The rugged slopes about us were still ...

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United States - 1899

The Indian packers insisted on returning after the delivery of their loads at the edge of the ice, and when the party reached the western flank of the Samovar Hills one of the men was stricken with an illness of such severity that it was absolutely ...

United States Congressional serial set


Samlalogh-kiya, on Coast Survey map 3224, 1808. Samoilof, island; see Scraggy . Samovar; hills, back of Malaspina glacier, in the St. Elias alps, southeastern Alaska. So named by Hussell in 1890. Samovar is the Russian mime of the utensil ...

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The samovar was an important attribute of a Russian household and particularly well-suited to tea-drinking in a communal setting over a protracted time period.

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samovar sam·o·var (săm′ə-vär′) n. A metal urn with a spigot, used to boil water for tea and traditionally having a chimney and heated by coals. [Russian ...

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Standard forms samovar appeared when in order to reduce the cost of production samovars put on stream. However, the definition of antique samovar this type also fall ...

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