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508 pages

Oral communication, speaking across cultures

Creator: Larry A. Samovar | Language Arts & Disciplines - 2000

While thumbing through the enlarged photos, she asked her listeners, "How many of you take photographs that turn out like these? ... She then said, "How many of you would like to take photos that look like this?" Then she displayed some ...

Publisher: Roxbury Pub Co

About this book
Leading the way in the integration of cultural material into the public speaking course, the new edition of Oral Communication features expanded coverage of cultural diversity and ethics while also including much new information on the uses of electronic technology in speech making. A new two-color design adds to the visual appeal of the book.

528 pages

Intercultural Communication, A Reader

Creator: Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. McDaniel | 2011-01-01

... 2005; Lustig & Koester, 2009; Martin & Nakayama, 2010; Neuliep, 2008; Oetzel , 2008; Samovar, et al., 2009). ... What mental picture comes to mind? Most US Americans will envision two teams of eleven men each in helmets and pads, ...

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

About this book
This eye-opening reader explores how communication values and styles can be similar or different for members of various cultures and communities. INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: A READER focuses on practical strategies you can use to communicate more effectively in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal, rhetoric, group, business, education, health care, and organizational. This broad-based, highly engaging reader, compiled by the authors who defined the course, includes a balanced selection of articles--some commissioned solely for this text--that discusses the classic ideas that laid the groundwork for this field, as well as the latest research and ideas. Material is presented in such a way that you can read, understand, and then apply course concepts to your own life.

404 pages

Communication Between Cultures

Creator: Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. McDaniel | Language Arts & Disciplines - 2012-02-03

Because worldviews are so broad in their scope, most definitions are general, such as the one offered by Bailey and Peoples: “The worldview of a people is the way they interpret reality and events, including images of themselves and how ...

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

About this book
This best selling intercultural communication text gives readers an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and helps them develop practical skills for improving their communication with people from other cultures. COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CULTURES is renowned for being the only text on the market to consistently emphasize religion and history as key variables in intercultural communication. Packed with the latest research and filled with numerous, compelling examples that force readers to examine their own assumptions and cultural biases, this book helps students understand the subtle and profound ways culture affects communication. The book is divided into four interrelated parts: Part I introduces the study of communication and culture; Part II focuses on the ability of culture to shape and modify our view of reality; Part III puts the theory of intercultural communication into practice; and Part IV converts knowledge into action.

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